We provide iBeacon solutions, consulting, software, installs, monitoring, software,
for manufacturers like Estimote, StickNFind, and Qualcomm.
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What are Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons?

iBeacons are small wireless modules that can be placed inside stores, museums, hotels, restaurants, and sports arenas. These tiny modules can be programmed to generate hyper-local Bluetooth low energy waves for micro indoor ranges, or ranges up to 250 feet. By utilizing an SDK combined with iBeacons, these waves can detect and communicate with your app, Apple Passbook, or Google Wallet, triggering useful information, notifications, alerts, or updates.

  • Retail Product Information
  • Museum Membership and Tours
  • Restaurant Loyalty Cards/Passes
  • Digital Coupons
  • Enhanced Hotel Check-ins
  • Festival and Concert Tickets
  • Airport Experience and Travel Companions
  • Fan Experience for Stadiums and Events

Custom iBeacon solutions and on-site installations.

We're a leader in custom software solutions for Bluetooth LE iBeacons, but we don't stop there. We're the first company to train and certify Bluetooth LE iBeacon contractors for the purpose of on-site installation, region/app calibration, testing, and overall iBeacon support. Confidently deploy iBeacons to stores, stadiums, events, and restaurants nationwide without having to train employees and incur expensive travel costs. Contact us for a list of iBeacon manufacturers we support,
and for cities/regions* we currently offer contractors.

*iBeacon install contractors are currently only avaliable in the United States.